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Brand NEW Second Edition Caravan Journal

Second Edition Caravan Journal

When I created my first Caravan Journal back in 2018 I did promise that I would create and produce a new Journal every couple of years with fresh new illustrations - and - I've just done that! And it's available NOW

It's bigger in that it now has 80 pages in total and is packed full of colour from start to finish with 12 brand new illustrations that have a more 'grown up feel' than in our first edition.

Leisure Logs Journals

Do you have a Caravan, a Motorhome (RV) or enjoy Camping?

Then you need a Leisure Logs Journal

The best places for a family holiday are always going to be the ones that fit your family's needs. You've invested a great deal in your family's future when you brought your leisure vehicle, shouldn't every moment be savoured and remembered?


Our Journals for Adults...and children - please see note below

Caravan Journal

When you dream  your perfect caravan holiday...the sun always shines, the wine's chilled, and you're chilling, eating prawns at the marina.

But in reality, the hill to the harbour is steeper than you remembered, and the hours searching for that fabulous restaurant gives you blisters.  How had you forgotten where they were? 

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Motorhome Journal

When out and about in your Motorhome you want to be able to clasp every last detail of your holiday, what were the facilities like, the tastiest meals and most of all, where were those exquisite beaches you found tucked away.

Use your journal to write those details down so you can easily find them again.  

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Camping Journal

The best places for a family holiday are always going to be the ones that best fit your family’s needs. You’ve invested so much in your family’s future when you bought your tent;  shouldn’t every moment be savoured and remembered?

Writing in a Leisure Logs Journal is the perfect way to build your treasure trove of the most wonderful places to go on a family holiday. A gorgeous addition to any camping kit, this is the organised family's very own volume of caravan club reviews. 

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The Benefits of Journalling

The benefits of journaling are myriad and the choice of what exactly to record are completely down to you. 

Easily recall treasured memories with the richness and passion as when you first felt them such as your favourite restaurants, kid's places, and secret coves to return to and rediscover. Everyone will record something different and that's what makes your Journal such a charm.

Get creative, get the kids writing and doodling, perhaps even make a poem.

Our Journals and Children

Testimonials from our Lovely Customers

Fantastic book, something a little different.  Fast delivery, great quality

Maria Whitehead

These are more than just travel journals.  They are precious volumes of memories, of times and of places, of feelings and thoughts that we shared with loved ones, which are never to be forgotten.

Lisa Anthoney

OMG These journals are brilliant! They are fun, brightly coloured and of exceptionally good quality.  I am gifting one to my niece and her young family for Christmas as they are just starting on their caravanning adventures and will be a fantastic way for them to save the memories they make safely forever.  I wish they were available when we started our adventures back in 2004 when my children were young.

Denise Thomas

Beautiful journals, very well thought out. Would definitely recommend

Donna Campbell-Clarke

What a beautiful book for my daughters birthday .. beautifully gift wrapped. A professional service and would highly recommend. This makes a lovely birthday or Christmas present too! Thank you

Gail Steel

Very fast delivery and well packaged. A lovely little book that my grandchildren loved to go with their new caravan.  Only wish I had one when we first started caravanning. Thank you Carol

Georgie Jones

Absolutely love my new journal received in the post this morning.  Thank you so much for a very prompt service. Highly recommend, every caravan owner should have one of these gorgeous books well thought out and plenty of pages to record all your memories, looking forward to writing my first this weekend.

Liz Dunn

This book is great - fun and colourful.  Carol is very helpful.  The book was sent very quickly and received a couple of days after ordering despite it being Christmas.  Good Luck Carol x

Gina Ramsey

I purchased a Caravan Journal as a Christmas Gift.  My sister and brother-in-law love it and are excited to start using it.  It's very well laid out, put together and amusing.  Looking forward to a Motorhome version for myself.  Carol's efficiency was second to none - it arrived only 2 days after ordering.  Many thanks once again. Great gift!

Beverley Lawson-Mosedale

Busy writing

Record those memories before they are lost forever

Denise F from Queensland in Australia with her Caravan Journal

Elaine C with her new Motorhome Journal

Let the youngsters write their own words

Young Charlie with his grandma's journal

Debbie B with her new Caravan Journal

William G showing off his new Journal


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